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About OTI Power

OTI Power is an Australian owned company, with our head office based in Queensland. Our core business is to reduce companies energy costs, combining industry knowledge with commercial, financial and regulatory expertise to help organisations maximise savings in today’s energy and environmental markets.

OTI Power is committed to seeing Australia being powered by the sun and for this to occur solar equipment must be affordable, of the best quality and easily accessed by home-owners, schools, community organisations and businesses. Read more…

Commercial Solar Sunshine Coast

When it comes to commercial solar systems in Sunshine Coast – it’s all in the name! We know that the Sunshine Coast isn’t just popular for its myriad restaurants, bars, entertainment and beaches – but also for the glorious weather that those folks get to soak up!

They also happen to be pretty outdoorsy in that part of the country, and this naturally lends itself to a population that is becoming increasingly more eco-conscious. The Sunshine Coast makes up a large portion of the percentage of Australians that are using solar power in their businesses and homes, and this is only increasing.

Business owners in particular are starting to take notice of the benefits that commercial solar systems can bring to their companies, and this isn’t just great for us as a solar business, but for the environment as a whole.

What are the benefits of commercial solar panels for my business?

As a business owner, you are obviously looking out for the best for your company, and if you will take our advice – solar systems are the right choice. Who are we though? Only experts in the industry, but we’ll let the benefits do the talking for us.

These are just some of the amazing advantages that solar power will bring to your business:

An Improved Brand Image

Consumers all over the world are becoming more conscious of our overwhelming need to find a more environmentally friendly, sustainable energy source for our growing demands. This means that they are more willing to align with companies that employ eco-friendly procedures – your brand image, and reputation will strengthen and you are more likely to retain current customers and attract new ones.

Save Money on Utilities

Businesses, whether big or small, often have rather hefty utility bills and this goes a long way to inflating operating costs. When you commercial solar systems into your business property, then you are going to reduce these utility bills substantially, in some cases you may even eliminate it completely. This will undoubtedly help you save money on the bottom line of your business.

Incentives and extra energy

All over the country there are incentives for people investing in residential and commercial solar panels, and depending on the state – you can get a hefty kick back from it. If you have any extra space on your property, it’s also worth putting in extra panels – as you won’t just be able to store it for future needs and save money – you’ll also in some cases get paid by councils to put that electricity back into the grid.

Adds value to your business

If you ever decide to sell your business, or are simply moving to another property, then having a solar power system installed will add to the value of the property. Solar systems are in high demand due to their benefits with regards to tax and utility savings.

These are just some of the many advantages of commercial solar systems. If you would like to discuss how we can help you in more detail – feel free to give us a shout here.

OTI Power is a solar panel company based in Queensland that sells residential & commercial solar panels in Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Mackay, Townville & many surrounding areas around Queensland. We do solar installation at affordable prices for commercial building & homes. For more information contact us online or call 0412 566 915.

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