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About OTI Power

OTI Power is an Australian owned company, with our head office based in Queensland. Our core business is to reduce companies energy costs, combining industry knowledge with commercial, financial and regulatory expertise to help organisations maximise savings in today’s energy and environmental markets.

OTI Power is committed to seeing Australia being powered by the sun and for this to occur solar equipment must be affordable, of the best quality and easily accessed by home-owners, schools, community organisations and businesses. Read more…

Commercial Solar Townsville

If you’re looking for a cost-effective, practical and efficient way to cut utility costs and improve your brand image at the same time, then commercial solar systems are the perfect answer. While many companies quantify the benefits of investing in solar energy on a purely financial basis, for many others it is much more than that and they are incredibly proud to be a part of the green revolution.

Commercial solar panels can act as a combination of financial, environmental, and marketing benefits that can really have a great impact on your company.

As experts in commercial solar Townsville, we are pretty confident in advising our clients to invest in solar – as we’ve seen the impressive benefits of it first-hand. However, we won’t try to convince you – rather we’ll show you and you can choose for yourself.

Top 5 benefits of commercial solar panels for business

  1. Attractive ROI for your business

Electricity prices are rising due to our growing demands, and are exacerbated by the need to upgrade and build new infrastructure to keep up with these demands. Alongside this, solar panels are more affordable now than they have ever been before and it explains why we are seeing such an increase in the installation of solar in businesses across the continent.

By installing solar power, you can save on massive utility bills and operation costs, and even store your energy for future use if you have produced too much. In some states you may also be paid to move that extra electricity back into the power grid.

  • A reduction in greenhouse gases

When it comes to the environment, there really is no way to deny solar power’s advantages. For every kW produced by solar power, it is reducing Greenhouse Gas Emission by 2 tonnes every year. This goes a long way in reducing the overall impact of CO2 all over the globe.

  • Marketing green credentials

When it comes to your brand reputation, the advantages of leveraging your new green credentials could take you a lot further than you believe. More consumers are becoming conscious of the need for a sustainable and renewable energy resource to meet our growing demands, and as such they are more likely to purchase from and align with companies with good green credential.

  • Employee retention

Believe it or not, getting commercial solar panels installed could help with employee acquisition and retention. Studies show that employees are more likely to work for and stay with companies that have good core values and care about the future. Install some solar panels at your office and your recruitment department will be incredibly thankful.

  • It’s planning for the future

As a business owner, you know how important it is to prepare for trends in your industry to stay on your top game. The same goes for commercial solar panels – we are going to have to start weaning the world off fossil fuel energy and more to greener alternatives. Solar is bound to become the most affordable and efficient way to do this and this makes it a solid investment choice.

Contact OTI Power for more information on how we can meet all your solar needs.

OTI Power is a solar panel company based in Queensland that sells residential & commercial solar panels in Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Mackay, Sunshine Coast & many surrounding areas around Queensland. We do solar installation at affordable prices for commercial building & homes. For more information contact us online or call 0412 566 915.

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