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About OTI Power

OTI Power is an Australian owned company, with our head office based in Queensland. Our core business is to reduce companies energy costs, combining industry knowledge with commercial, financial and regulatory expertise to help organisations maximise savings in today’s energy and environmental markets.

OTI Power is committed to seeing Australia being powered by the sun and for this to occur solar equipment must be affordable, of the best quality and easily accessed by home-owners, schools, community organisations and businesses. Read more…

Commercial Solar Companies Queensland

The solar industry is just like any other and when you are shopping for your commercial solar system, you need to ensure that you are investing in a product that is of high-quality, made by a reputable company, and is affordable.

There has been a huge increase in the number of Australians investing in solar for residential purposes, and although it’s been a bit slower, businesses are starting to follow suit. At OTI Power, we are one of the best commercial solar energy companies and we’ve also been around for an age – this means we have seen the very best and the very worst of the industry.

Our customers are at the very core of our business, and as long-term advocates of the industry we hate seeing when people trying to invest in solar power are cheated by a dodgy solar company. That’s why we’ve made you this handy checklist to ensure that you find only one of the best commercial solar companies

How to Choose the Right Commercial Solar Supplier

  1. Contact Past Clients

While we’re all for supporting startups, if you can across a company that claims to have tons of experience, but can’t really prove it to you – then it’s best you run for the hills. An experienced company won’t just have reviews online from past clients, but should also have clients that are able and willing to talk to you about the amazing experience that they had with that company.

  • Look for experience

In Australia, we are advocates of entrepreneurs and always love to support a new business, but when it comes to something that’s as big an investment as solar panels for your business – you are better off going with the tried and tested version. Contact companies and ask about how long they’ve been operating for and if you could see some of the work that they have done for previous clients to make sure they are as good as they say they are.

  • They’ve got the paperwork

It always pays to check out your solar suppliers credentials, as any slippery supplier simply won’t have these. One of the most important certificates a solar company should have is the accreditation from CEC (The Clean Energy Council).

They should also provide you with an upfront quote that covers all of the installation, panels and warranties. If your supplier doesn’t want you to see the quote, or it doesn’t comprehensively cover everything, then look elsewhere – you don’t want a costly add on at the end of the installation process.

  • Their price is just right

The price of solar energy has come down spectacularly in the last couple of years, but it still isn’t exactly cheap. If your supplier offers you a quote that seems unbelievable, then chances are that it really is. If their panels were made from the right technology and bought from a trusted source, then there’s no way it should be ridiculously cheap when compared with other companies. Often if it’s very cheap – there’s a good reason for it – and that’s something you don’t want to find out about personally.

At OTI Power, we pass this checklist with flying colours! Contact us to find out more.

OTI Power is a solar panel company based in Queensland that sells residential & commercial solar panels in Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Mackay, Sunshine Coast & many surrounding areas around Queensland. We do solar installation at affordable prices for commercial building & homes. For more information contact us online or call 0412 566 915.

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