Slash Your Energy Bills With A Solar System That’s ROI Positive From DAY ONE. Guaranteed.

Find out the exact ROI for an OTI Power solar system installed at your property. Know how much money you’ll save down to the dollar AND discover how you can potentially sell your excess energy back to the power company.

Do you feel like your electricity bill gets bigger every time you get a new one?

Well you’re not wrong. Electricity prices in Australia have risen by an insane 117% over the last decade – with prices soaring up to 20% higher just last July. That’s on top of the fact that in Australia we already pay the highest power prices in the world.

At home you have the option of turning off the A/C or the lights, but that’s no way to keep customers happy and your property safe if you’re running a business. But now there’s a solution…

A Solar System That’s ROI Positive From DAY ONE

Australia is blessed with record levels of sun. Even our least sunny state, Tasmania, gets 193 days of sun each year while our sunniest, Queensland, gets an insane 270 sunny days every year. And for each of those days the sun blazes down for 7.5 hours on average. That amounts to 2,025 hours of sunlight every single year that you can convert into FREE sustainable energy to power your business with a solar system.

It’s so much energy that you won’t just see huge drops in your energy bills, you may even be able to sell your excess energy back to the grid for pure profit. In fact, with our smart financing solutions your system can be ROI positive from day one. Read More

Commercial Solar Companies in Queensland

The solar industry is just like any other and when you are shopping for your commercial solar system, you need to ensure that you are investing in a product that is of high-quality, made by a reputable company, and is affordable.

There has been a huge increase in the number of Australians investing in solar for residential purposes, and although it’s been a bit slower, businesses are starting to follow suit. At OTI Power, we are one of the best commercial solar energy companies and we’ve also been around for an age – this means we have seen the very best and the very worst of the industry.

Our customers are at the very core of our business, and as long-term advocates of the industry we hate seeing when people trying to invest in solar power are cheated by a dodgy solar company. That’s why we’ve made you this handy checklist to ensure that you find only one of the best commercial solar companies

How to Choose the Right Commercial Solar Supplier

  1. Contact Past Clients

While we’re all for supporting startups, if you can across a company that claims to have tons of experience, but can’t really prove it to you – then it’s best you run for the hills. An experienced company won’t just have reviews online from past clients, but should also have clients that are able and willing to talk to you about the amazing experience that they had with that company.

  • Look for experience

In Australia, we are advocates of entrepreneurs and always love to support a new business, but when it comes to something that’s as big an investment as solar panels for your business – you are better off going with the tried and tested version. Contact companies and ask about how long they’ve been operating for and if you could see some of the work that they have done for previous clients to make sure they are as good as they say they are.

  • They’ve got the paperwork

It always pays to check out your solar suppliers credentials, as any slippery supplier simply won’t have these. One of the most important certificates a solar company should have is the accreditation from CEC (The Clean Energy Council).

They should also provide you with an upfront quote that covers all of the installation, panels and warranties. If your supplier doesn’t want you to see the quote, or it doesn’t comprehensively cover everything, then look elsewhere – you don’t want a costly add on at the end of the installation process.

  • Their price is just right

The price of solar energy has come down spectacularly in the last couple of years, but it still isn’t exactly cheap. If your supplier offers you a quote that seems unbelievable, then chances are that it really is. If their panels were made from the right technology and bought from a trusted source, then there’s no way it should be ridiculously cheap when compared with other companies. Often if it’s very cheap – there’s a good reason for it – and that’s something you don’t want to find out about personally.

Commercial Solar Energy Companies in Queensland

Solar is the way forward for those that wish to break free from the ever-increasing charges that the major energy providers set. It is a proven renewable source of energy, and it has never been easier to access the technology and systems to generate your own power and make significant reductions in your expenses every year as a direct result.

Commercial solar energy companies seldom offer the kind of comprehensive service that the team here at OTI power can. We work exclusively in Queensland and have helped thousands of residents and commercial property owners to harness the power of the sun.

However, what sets us apart is our combination of exceptional professional installation that is supported by a team that has a vast knowledge of the energy industry and knows how to leverage solar systems so that they will provide our customers with a positive return on investment from day one.

Queensland’s Best Solar Companies – A Comprehensive Approach to Solar Power

Commercial solar companies will typically talk up the long-term investment you are making as a means to encourage you to choose them and reap the rewards much further down the road. With the team here at OTI Power, we are more focused on you today and want to do as much as possible up-front so that your commitment to green practices is rewarded faster.

To this end, we have a free eBook ready to download that illustrates 5 strategies that the major providers don’t want you to know that could make savings now. Furthermore, our initial consultation is a free 20-minute session that has no strings attached but will give you a real sense of the saving you could make and which systems would suit your commercial set-up.

Better still, the smart advice that our team provide affords our clients the chance to leverage their financing in ways that allow them to take advantage of government rebates, and so that they are in a position where they can make money off the back of their investment from day one.

Best of all, our 25-year linear performance warranty, 12-year product warranty and 10-year installation warranty combine to set you up for an efficient and effective means of generating energy that reduces risk and enables you to confidently plan for the future.

As a business owner you may start out by thinking about profits and making savings on your energy expenditure, but in time we expect that you will appreciate the positive effect your change toward sustainable methods can have on the community you operate in.

Not only will your brand benefit from the perceived investment in green credentials, but your staff will take the practices that they learn home with them, and it is likely that they will engage in ethical practices that continue to push the eco-friendly agenda.

Harness the Power of the Sun Today

At OTI Power, we are dedicated to making sustainable energy, and in order to ensure that our customers gain the best results from our service, we choose leading brands so that they have the best of products working for them, that will offer the kind of life and results that hope to achieve.

Furthermore, the Clean Energy Council has approved us as a solar retailer, and with the possibility of having your solar system up and running in less than 3 weeks, we can do more for you faster than any of our competitors who claim to be among the best solar companies in Queensland.

So, whether you’re looking for commercial solar in Townsville or even commercial solar in Mackay, get in touch today and let the team at OTI Power help you harness the power of the sun.

At OTI Power, we pass this checklist with flying colours! Contact us to find out more.

OTI Power is a solar panel company based in Queensland that sells residential & commercial solar panels in Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Mackay, Sunshine Coast & many surrounding areas around Queensland. We do solar installation at affordable prices for commercial building & homes. For more information contact us online or call 0412 566 915.

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The Truth About Solar And It’s Real ROI For Aussie Businesses
The One Question You Must Ask Before Flicking The Switch On A Solar Panel Provider

Be sure to download and read every single word of this eBook before you approach any solar system companies.

Here’s The Difference When You Go With Australia’s Leading Solar Company

High performance installations that will slash your electricity bill for a minimum of 25 years.
Expert installation in under 3 weeks so you can get up and running fast
Professional service that’s hassle-free
Smart advice on how to use financing, to make your investment cash flow positive from day one
25 years of linear performance warranty
12 years of product warranty
10 years of installation warranty
Leading brands to ensure long lasting reliability

Our Vendors

The OTI Power Advantage And How We Save Businesses $100,000’s Every Single Year

We’re OTI Power and we’re not your average solar company. Our difference is that we understand business and the massive impact a quality solar system can have on your bottom line. That’s why we focus on delivering a solid ROI and financial benefit over the lifetime of every system we install. Plus, our extensive insider knowledge of government energy policy and rebates means we can advise you on how to make the very most from your system and leverage it to deliver maximum savings and profit for you.

Don’t Risk It With An Unproven Solar Startup Provider

Some solar providers use cheap parts that don’t last, produce little amounts of energy and do a sloppy job installing. When things go wrong, they’re nowhere to be found. OTI Power are leaders in the field, Clean Energy Council Preferred Retailers and we’ve installed hundreds of systems for large commercial properties as well as businesses all over Australia. Our goal is to establish a lifelong partnership with you, so your investment will always be secure and headache free.. We understand that a solar system can be a significant investment for you, so it’s important to be backed by a Clean Energy Council preferred retailer with a TRIPLE warranty.

See Just Some Of The 100’s Of Solar Installations We’ve Done For Our Clients

Our 100% Ironclad TRIPLE Warranty

25 Year Linear Warranty

Our systems will perform reliably for a minimum of 25 years. If it under performs at all we’ll replace it completely FREE.

12 Year Product Warranty

We only use high quality panels that will last in the harsh Aussie weather, storm or shine. If they don’t, we’ll fix them completely FREE

10 Year Installation Warranty

We guarantee a perfect installation first time. If you run into any issues in the first 10 years, we’ll come back and fix them completely FREE.

Hear From Some Of Our Satisfied Customers

“Special Equipment had OTI Power install a 305kW solar system late February, 2017. We found the company very professional, polite and considerate. The system is working very well and saving us around $7,000-$8,000 each month. Paul Blake was very helpful in dealing with power authorities and went above and beyond in answering any of our queries. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul Blake and his company to any prospective purchaser of solar power systems”

– RTony Gallagher, Director – Special Equipment, Brisbane

“Excellent job from Beginning to end. Once installed, the follow-up has been exceptional. Months down the track to ensure we are obtaining the best value with our solar system installation. Would strongly recommend OTI Power to anyone thinking of investing in a Solar System.”

– Ken Kirwan, Owner/Director of Daves Transport, Sunshine Coast

“This is a large investment so I investigated different solar companies before I committed this time as the first time I put solar on my old house I was left for dead when things went wrong..I say again , many thanks for the service. After we were installed with OTI solar it became a competition between a mate a I who generated the most power. My mate had the same amount of “panels” on the roof with exactly the same inverter but I generate more power than him due to the quality of the panels you supplied . This was monitored by our wi fi set up on my phone. I would highly recommend your company to any others who are thinking of this investment.”

– Dallas Collins, Jacobs Well

“When I received the largest power bill I could imagine some years ago, I decided to research solar power. I quickly found it seemed to be unregulated with all sorts of promises, statements and a huge difference in costs for what seem to be the same home solar systems. After getting the run around from some of the cheaper providers, I stumbled over Paul Blake who offered to actually come to my house and audit what we had and then advise what is required. The installation was prompt and my power bills reduced by more than what Paul suggested. Not only that, Paul followed up over the next 6 months a few times to ensure we were happy with how the system was performing. I have no hesitation in recommending Paul and solar systems in general.”

– Geoff McWilliam, Director

“Over the past 2 years we have used Paul Blake to provide a solar electric generating system for our Valley offices as well as for my home. Dealing with Paul Blake has made the process incredibly easy. Work was done on time and to budget, which was very competitive. Their installers were both proficient as well as very respectful to both our employees and our neighbours. As an architect, I cannot fault the standard of trade work. Paul continued with after sale service and has been extremely helpful with authorities and power suppliers.”

– Kevin Hayes, FRAIA / BArch UQ Director

“Paul Blake maximized the returns from our existing Solar installations and added more where it was justified. I was impressed Paul went to the trouble of installing a monitoring system to establish exactly what we needed and their recommendations turned out to be very accurate. We now have close to 100KW generating net income of $35-40k per annum, as most was installed when the 44c Fed feed-in subsidy applied. We are saving another $20k on current consumption. If you are paying over 20c per KW, Solar in Qld works out at a return of close to 20% per annum, to me it’s a no-brainer.”

– Raymond Smith, Managing Director

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Book a consultation with one of our expert technicians today and we’ll call you to perform a detailed assessment of your situation. We’ll discuss your property and show you the calculations on how much money you stand to save every year. And you’ll also get a detailed ROI driven proposal including:

How much it will cost to install a solar system for your property
How much money you will save every month
How you can MAKE money by selling power back to the grid
How you can make your investment in solar cash flow positive from day one with financing
AND We’ll show you live examples of smart businesses just like yours that went green and started saving money on their bottom line

Remember, this service is completely free and you’re under no obligation to take up any of our services, but hurry, we can only perform a limited number of free assessments each month so book yours in now!