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About OTI Power

OTI Power is an Australian owned company, with our head office based in Queensland. Our core business is to reduce companies energy costs, combining industry knowledge with commercial, financial and regulatory expertise to help organisations maximise savings in today’s energy and environmental markets.

OTI Power is committed to seeing Australia being powered by the sun and for this to occur solar equipment must be affordable, of the best quality and easily accessed by home-owners, schools, community organisations and businesses. Read more…

Solar System for Business Use in Queensland

As experts in solar systems for business, we have seen our fair share of questions around them. This isn’t much of a surprise considering that solar power is still relatively new the energy game, but being misinformed or unknowledgeable can make people hesitant to invest in solar power and this is not great for us, as a business and as a planet. We need as many people to move over to solar to ensure that we are cutting down on our Greenhouse Gas Emissions – giving the planet the breathing room that it needs to survive.

Solar For Business: What You Need to Know

Solar panels for residential use have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years due to their accessibility, effectiveness and affordability. Luckily, business owners are also starting to take notice of this trend. As more and more businesses climb on the solar bandwagon – the more likely it is that we can help to save our planet.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most common questions we get about solar panels for business premises:

Can solar enhance my brand image?

Brand image is a massive part of any company’s success and thus it makes sense that business owners will be concerned about it. Truthfully though, when it comes to brand image, solar power is a huge benefit. By investing in solar, you are showing current and potential clients that you care about the planet and the future, and you can use the ‘green company’ tag in your marketing campaigns.

It doesn’t just help with your external brand image, but also on an internal scale. Employees are more likely to stay loyal to companies that plan for the future and are committed to a sustainable energy source for our planet.

Will commercial solar add to my property value?

If you ever think of selling your business, or simply moving premises, solar will undoubtedly add to the value of the property. Solar power is a growing trend all over the world, and with the obvious advantages such as utility cost reduction and tax rebates – companies are willing to pay top dollar to acquire a property where solar power is already in use.

What about winter? Are they still effective?

Luckily for us, Australia is blessed with its fair share of sunshine and this makes it the perfect spot for solar panels – yes – even in winter! Panels don’t need warmth to work, they just need the sun, and there’s plenty of sunny days to go around. More importantly than seasons, you just need to ensure your panels are placed far away from the shade and in direct line of sunlight – but that’s why we’re here!

How do I choose the right sized solar system for my business?

There are a number of factors that will impact the size of the solar system that you choose, and whether you want to have a large social impact, reduce your energy costs or go big enough to be completely energy independent – will have a bearing on what size you end up with. At OTI Power, we have years and years of experience in the solar industry, and we’ll make these kinds of decisions for you if you need us too – we’re more than happy to do the tech stuff.

If you need our help, or simply want to know more about our services, please feel free to contact us here.

OTI Power is a solar panel company based in Queensland that sells residential & commercial solar panels in Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Mackay, Sunshine Coast & many surrounding areas around Queensland. We do solar installation at affordable prices for commercial building & homes. For more information contact us online or call 0412 566 915.

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