Red Earth Energy Storage


Red Earth Energy Storage is a leading supplier of modular Energy Storage Systems with a range of energy ratings. They have a range of innovative energy storage systems that provide a reliable, sustainable supply of stored energy from renewable and conventional energy sources.

The Red Earth range of products have been created for off grid applications. Red Earth Storage products feature an integrated battery and inverter module that is a complete engineered solution to storage needs in off grid situations.

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High Quality & Reliable

Fully engineered, factory assembled
Highest quality components
Weatherproof enclosure
Australian Standards Compliant


Range of battery technologies to choose from

Low Maintenance

Powder coated outdoor enclosure
Non-rusting base
Set and forget operation
Remote monitoring capability.

Remote Monitoring & Communications

Red Earth’s Energy Storage systems come complete with full remote monitoring and control using 3G/4G/WIFI communications.

Full Warranty

Red Earth’s Energy Storage systems use high quality components and are backed by a full five year warranty.


Prewired and fully tested with lockable enclosure.